Nordic Compact L

Nordic Compact L is the heart and main module of the Nordic Compact range. Model L differs from model M by size - it is 9 m2 bigger, which enables a little bit bigger planning and creative approach.


133m² 3
Max. length:12,9m
Max. width:7,9m
Balcony/Terrace: 10,6m²/12m²

Nordic Houses’ recreational housing complex in Norway, which took first prize in the Pre-fab Building of the Year contest in 2015, has been developed by architects from Trilog Studio into a contemporary home concept.

Inspired by the bracing nature of Scandinavia, and being minimalistic and cleverly functional, Nordic Compact offers an environmentally friendly, energy class B home solution that’s innovative and truly Nordic in its elegance. Every detail has been thought through. It comprises a spacious core module with the option of adding further modules for more expansive living.

The house has an open-plan living & dining room and kitchen with plenty of storage.

The energy calculations we’ve made for the core module are based on an air to water heat pump (although other heating options are also available): the average monthly cost of heating, ventilation, hot water, lighting and equipment is 60 euros.

Energy efficiency class B (ETA 116 kWh/m2.a).

This model can also be ordered with a gabled roof.

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