Special projects

If You are an entrepreneur, real estate developer or general contractor, You are in the right place.

We can help you with faster implementation of projects, high quality and competitive prices.

Based on your drawings, we design, produce, deliver and install the building. When the foundation is ready from you, we will deliver you the building as an "finished on the outside" solution. The supply includes external lining, exterior doors, windows, roof cover and rain gutters. 

For the interior, we offer either a ready-made solution for specific work (electricity, heating, water, ventilation) or ready for puttying and painting.

How one of our houses gets built


  • Choose the Nordic Houses home you like best or send us your own designs.
  • Choose how ‘ready’ you want the house to be:

A: Weather-proof shell a.k.a. the ‘Man with the golden hands’ option

  • External walls without cladding; additional framework inside (without additional insulation wool or gypsum boards)
  • Load-bearing internal wall framework
  • Non-bearing internal walls and internal wall materials not included
  • Roof covering not included

B: Fully completed exterior a.k.a. the ‘Man on the inside’ option

  • External walls fully finished on the outside; additional framework inside (without additional insulation wool or gypsum boards)
  • Internal wall framework
  • Roof covering


  • We’ll make you an offer within two weeks.


  • If you’re happy with our offer, we then sign a contract.


  • Plans for approval – main floor plans, key assemblies, colour scheme for finishing
  • Production and assembly plans


  • Production in our factory


  • Transport to the construction site


  • The building is erected to the agreed state of readiness.
For entrepreneurs and real estate developers

If none of our standardised homes is exactly what you’re looking for but you have your own plans to hand (external views, cross-sections, floorplans et al.), you’ve come to the right place. Send us your project and let’s work together to find a way to turn your ideas into reality.

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