Nordic Compact

Nordic Compact M

Net area: 124m²
Bedrooms: 3

Nordic Compact M sits at the heart of the Nordic Compact concept and forms its core module. It has everything you need.

Nordic Compact L

Net area: 133m²
Bedrooms: 3

Nordic Compact L is the heart and main module of the Nordic Compact range. Model L differs from model M by size - it is 9 m2 bigger, which enables a little bit bigger planning and creative approach.

Nordic Compact XL

Net area: 140m²
Bedrooms: 3

Nordic Compact XL in the Nordic Compact range is designed for the most demanding home-buyers. It represents an all-in-one solution made up of the core module and additional modules.

Nordic Compact S Home

Net area: 72m²
Bedrooms: 3
Nordic Compact S Home in the Nordic Compact range is a modern home for a small family which makes economical use of space. If needed, extra sleeping spaces can be provided in the loft.

CO2 emissions A+ label

This label for Nordic Compact house denotes the total CO2 emissions of the cradle-to-gate life cycle of this building. 

Nordic Troll

Nordic Mart

Net area: 105m² (+shed 10,2m²)
Bedrooms: 3

This lovely summer cottage boasts a spacious terrace and classic architectural style. This particular model was chosen by none other than Estonian football legend Mart Poom as the summer home for his family.

Nordic Panorama

Net area: 48,7 m² (+ kuur 3 m²)
Bedrooms: 1

This outstanding model is perfect as a separate sauna complex or as a guesthouse. It can also serve as a home to anyone who appreciates compact living but who places importance on living in your own house, too.

Nordic Beitostølen L

Net area: 96m²
Bedrooms: 3

One storey, three bedroom home.

Nordic Beitostølen XL

Net area: 112,7m²
Bedrooms: 3

A compact home with open living room and kitchen area.