Recreational houses

Nordic Mart (Estonia)

We made this classic and stylish summer house for Mart Poom – the best Estonian footballer of all time – and his family.

Ogna Camp XXL (Norway)

A project of Woodland AS, the developer and the main contractor for our long-term partner.

Buen Stav&Laft (Norway)

The houses in the Stav&Laft series feature sturdy columns made from single logs as well as an interior and exterior finish which is coarse and robust.

Buen Popular (Norway)

These recreational homes in Norway bear traditional Norwegian design features.

Buen Storodde (Norway)

This model, which is the most popular and widely sold in Norway, boasts optimal planning – as big as it needs to be and yet as small as possible, it is the flagship of the Norwegian recreational housing market.

Buen Popular (Sweden)

These recreational homes close to a Swedish ski resort have a simpler exterior design than their Norwegian counterparts, but are just as functional and built to the same exacting standards.

Living houses

Nordic Compact Kuusalu (Estonia)

Photographer Sven-Olof Engund (XL-Studios) 

Nordic Compact Keila (Estonia)

Photographer Toomas Reigo

Public Buildings

Nordic Compact Rocca al Mare (Estonia)

Photographer Juta Kübarsepp