COMPACT S summerhouses (Netherlands)

Nordic COMPACT effective four-house ensemble of leisure houses.

This is the solution of Nordic Houses' standard house Nordic COMPACT, tailored to the location and customer needs, creating a compact small summerhouse. 

The idea of the COMPACT modern factory building is minimalist and smartly functional and has been created by Estonian young architects. The impressive house ensemble of four houses fits into its beautiful environment. They are based in Texel Island, a popular holiday resort in the Netherlands. 

Houses are built with a slanted roof facing south to maximize the productivity of solar panels. The roof is made of solar panels with water barriers underneath. As a final solution, the roof looks very modern and aesthetic. 

The goal is to provide a sense of lasting house, but in reality it is possible to relocate the houses because it is built on a steel stretcher that allows to move houses.

Photographer: Jeroen Meijers  

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